Seasonal Caulk Good Solution for Drafty Windows.

There are many good solutions for sealing up primary windows during the cold winter months.  Seasonal caulk is one of our favorites.  It applies with a standard caulk gun, dries in a day, and is easily removed in the spring when the weather turns warmer.  It releases fairly well, although I have noticed that it can pull off paint that’s not bonded well to wooden surfaces. For this reason, it is probably better used on stained rather than painted windows.

One big drawback to this product is that it stinks like model airplane cement until the solvent gasses off.  Moreover, this happens precisely at a time when your windows are sealed shut, leaving a toxic smelling environment that can’t be vented.  So, it’s probably best that children aren’t home when seasonal caulk is applied.

Note:  Sometimes this product is too stiff to flow well out of it’s tube.  So, here’s a tip – wrap the caulk tube in a heating pad to get it flowing well.  Note: if the caulk tube is made of cardboard, don’t try immersing it in hot water.  (Don’t ask me how I know this.)


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