lithium Ion 4V Drivers


We love these lithium ion 4V drivers and keep two in our primary tool bag – one with a straight screw bit and one with a Phillips bit.  They hold a charge forever but if one dies, we’ve still got one powered up.

In most instances they supply the perfect torque for screwing and unscrewing.  The driver with the straight tip often gets used for removing inner stops, as well as the screws that secure weight chamber access doors.  The Phillips tip driver often gets used for removing brackets holding blinds or shades.  These drivers are also great for installing aluminum storm windows as anything more powerful can create a divot in the expanders.

(We also keep 18V drivers on hand for drilling and other work but these little babies are so damned handy.)


One thought on “lithium Ion 4V Drivers

  1. I will have to try this driver. I have always had problems with the drivers I use losing charge very quickly. If this driver has good power and holds a charge well then it might be my new tool of choice.

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