5 Things Painters do Wrong


Good painters are our friends but bad painters rank right down there with the new window companies.  Good painters are hard to find, expensive, and – if they do their marketing right – in high demand.  Bad painters are a dime a dozen.  Here are some of the main transgressions we see in bad painting work.

• Improper prepping.  Painters often don’t remove enough paint and don’t leave an adequately finished surface ready to receive fresh paint.   Prepping a surface for paint is the most labor intensive part of painting and is often what distinguishes a good painter from a bad one.  The old adage that 90% of painting is preparation might be exactly right.

• Painting over hardware.  Many painters don’t remove hardware before painting.  How hard is it to get out a screw driver, unscrew hinges, label them, put them in a bag and reinstall them after painting is complete?

• Doing the bare minimum.  Many painters don’t go beyond painting.  Caulking, filling holes, and minor carpentry should be skills that are included in a painters repertoire.  Doing anything less is sheer laziness.

• Using the wrong product. Despite what virtually all of the paint companies say, oil-based primer is far superior to any modern latex or acrylic paint and will often extend the durability of a paint job – especially on bare wood that is exposed to the elements.  Painters don’t like to use oil based paint because it is more difficult to cleanup and it has a noxious odor, and paint companies don’t market it for the same reasons.

• Not understanding windows.  Scratching glass, over-glazing and over-painting putty, applying paint on the business edge of stops, and painting windows shut and are things we see every day.  It’s enough to make a grown man cry…


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