Angle Grinder Paint Removal Abrasives Reviewed



Even 40 grit ROS paper clogs on paint, so alternative abrasive media is preferable.  These two angle grinder mounted discs don’t clog as quickly so in many respects they are the way to go.

The Strip Discs work well, but they are pricey and seem to disintegrate fairly quickly.  They don’t chew up the wood quite as much as the Flap Discs but still need to be followed up with 80 or 100G paper.

The Flap Discs are more aggressive so a delicate touch is needed.  They also don’t last too long but they are cheaper than the strip discs.  More ROS sanding is needed with these – perhaps beginning with 60G.

A big disadvantage to using an angle grinder for paint removal is the lack of good dust collection.  This means more cleanup and more protective equipment.




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